Play Double FreeCell Online

Double FreeCell as a Popular Online Game among Online Players

Double FreeCell is a modern variation of Classic FreeCell brought to the market by Thomas Warfield. The major difference is associated with the second deck of cards used in the gameplay. It looks like you’re playing two FreeCell games at once. Instead of eight foundation piles, you will find only four in this game. Although the game concept remains unchanged, some nuances still need to be known.

Double FreeCell Concept

Double FreeCell features six open cells, four foundation piles, and two decks of cards. All cards from two decks are split into 10 tableau piles. Your task is to complete the freecell foundations twice. In other words, you need to put all cards into proper suit foundations and in the right order, from Ace to King.

Don’t forget that you can move just one card at a time. The upper card of any tableau pile can also be placed on the top of any Free Cell.

A card is usually added onto a foundation pile if it is higher than the previous top card of the pile and features the same suit. For example, a 10 card can only be followed by a J card. Once the complete sequence is wrapped up into a pile, you continue with another ace.

Double FreeCell takes much more time and concentration than Classic FreeCell. The use of two decks finds a reflection on the overall complexity of the game. Don’t expect to finish the game in a few minutes. It takes by far more time. Nevertheless, Double FreeCell is a fun game that offers a long-term joy to online players.