Play FreeCell Classic Online

FreeCell Classic– a Free Game for Online Beginners

FreeCell Classic is a well-developed version of the classic FreeCell game. It is 100% free, which serves as a good opportunity for beginners to get some gaming practice. Thanks to high compatibility with Windows, Mac Linux iOS, and Android devices, the game can be downloaded with ease. But there is something more you should know about FreeCell Classic.

FreeCell Classic Features

FreeCell Classic is a type of Solitaire card game, featuring pure sound, high animation speed, and simple navigation. Since 1991, the game has been updated million times, bringing new visual and functional elements. There are some other features to demonstrate by FreeCell Classic. These include:

  • Free game (no payment is required to play FreeCell Classic);
  • Hints (as many hints as you want throughout the gameplay);
  • Beautiful design (colorful yet sophisticated visual concept);
  • Retina ready (visually attractive retina optimized graphic effects);
  • Lots of settings (adjust sound, auto-move, and everything in between to your needs).

FreeCell Classic Rules

To start FreeCell Classic Game, all 52 cards are split face up into eight columns. The first four columns involve seven cards, while the remaining four columns involve six cards. You are free to move cards from a column to a free cell area. To become a winner, you should get all of the cards onto the foundations ordered by suit. Thus, you are supposed to place an Ace on the foundation, then a 2 card, and so on. Once all the cards are placed in the right order, you become a winner.

Don’t forget that you can move just one card at a time. The exception is made for an ordered sequence of more than one card, which can be moved as a single package. Eventually, you will manage to complete all four suits.